Golden Features: Tom Stell

Tom Stell known as Golden Features has been a major influence to me. His attention to detail is impeccable, his passion for music is easily on display. In a interview with “PileRats” Tom explains how he wants a “full 360 degree immersive experience” with his music. The mask is a persona that helps the audience relate. If his stage name was Tom Stell and wasn’t wearing a mask, he would be another generic DJ.

Tom walks the streets recording random audio of trucks, side walks, traffic lights and more, later morphing into unique and dark sounds. His lightning and stage design consist of either natural or warm colours accompanied by hectic strobe lights and colourful lasers. This is how Tom ties these three elements to make a truly unique show, like no other.

Most DJ’s release music regularly to stay important in the music industry. Golden Features releases only a handful of tracks per year. Some songs have been played at live shows only to be released two years later. Tom posted on his Facebook page “So much of dance music is manufactured. So many people make careers trend hopping and biting. Everybody’s fighting to have the biggest song of whatever genres hot at the time. Most of its soulless though. Im never going to drop every month just to stay relevant. Im here to make something authentic”. – (FaceBook, Golden Features, Tom Stell, March 27th, 2016).

When I first read this post I was utterly blown away, his passion for perfection surpasses fame and popularity. I agree with Tom, being authentic and talented is more important then fame. Tom wants keep making his music techniques and not follow in trends. “Don’t rush it or attempt to fill an EP or album with old material that feels like filler. There’s no need for musical placebos or to meet what you think is a quota. You want to put your best foot and best music forward, so don’t rely on old stuff that is not up to snuff or representative of where you are and what you sound like now”. – (SonicBids, Amy Sciarretto, Mar 18, 2015 10:00 AM).

For many years my passion has been strong with film, because of this I neglected most knowledge about audio design. I have worked with many DJ’s in Surfers Paradise, Brisbane and private events. Later as I listened to more EDM music I started to take a liking to DJing. I started to mix my own sets on my laptop for fun. This taught me so much about timing with BPM’s, chorus’s and melody’s. Now I have broaden my options, I have slowly been learning how to mix music with turn tables and also training to make music with a Launchpad. Transferring this into my productions can greatly improve production value and my own talents. My true dream, to own a film company that supports young independent film makers, helping achieve their dreams.

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